Depaz - Extra Old Rum - Cuvée Prestige

Depaz - Extra Old Rum - Cuvée Prestige



Depaz Cuvée Prestige, the great reserve of Depaz, reflects their passion for producing the best aged rum.
Sublime distillation, the best selection of white oak barrels and the passing of time under the tropical heat have resulted in this extraordinary product.
Its character, softness and complexity will give satisfaction to the most sophisticated and challenging palate.

Variety Rhum Agricole
Type / Quality Extra Old Rum
Age 12
Alcohol By Volume 45%
Content (ml) 700
Brand Depaz
Country Martinique


Pale mahogany. 

Rich and complex, powerful aromas of liquorice, chocolate and prunes.

Clean, smooth and warm initial taste. Roasted dry fruit, hazelnuts, flavoursome spices, delicate aromas of vanilla.

Notes of cigar box and narcissus. Excellent balance from the harmony between mellowness, suppleness and the aromas.